L’arte della Ceramica welcomes you!

" L’arte della Ceramica” (The Art of Ceramics) is more than anything else a fruit of passion…” (LdG)

This unique boutique was born in the splendid surroundings of Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi Coast and a fountain of inspiration for foreign artists and ceramic masters like Irene Kowaliska and Richard Dolker.

The idea of L’arte della Ceramica is to combine tradition and innovation in one space, a one of a kind space, that showcases a beautiful array of products from classic ceramics from Vietri that never go out of style to innovative and original pieces with exclusive designs.

L’arte della Ceramica has an answer to the needs and desires of every client: design lovers, connoisseurs of the antique tradition of ceramics, and the visitor who wants a “little piece of Positano” to put in their suitcase…

There are unique pieces made entirely by hand by owner Lisa Cinque that, through the use of ancient techniques such as “coiling”, give life to creations that range from the essence of modern to elements of the traditionally figurative seen from a completely personal point of view.
From glazed earthenware to the transparency of glass, a succession of light and shadow, solids and voids, lacquers that will clothe your home in elegance…and the heat of candles!

In short, an atmosphere that will guide you along a path that is both particular and evocative.

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