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My name is Lisa Cinque and I live and work in Positano.
I graduated with a degree in Applied Arts at the Art Institute of Sorrento in 1999. In 2003 I attended a training course that is recognized by the European Union at the Centro Studi Arti Vietri (Center for Art Studies in Vietri), and was a student of potter Erika Rossi, master potter Alfonso Cassetta and other teachers from whom I learned the techniques of shaping and decorating as well as deepening my knowledge of the historical and cultural implications of the antique tradition of ceramics.

Over the years my experience has grown and been enhanced thanks to collaborations with art galleries in Italy and art workshops for ceramics on the Amalfi Coast and in Vietri sul Mare.

I am continuing my creative journey in my pottery workshop, a place where I find the perfect concentration to give life to my works. Works that draw their greatest inspiration from the essential elements of life: fire, earth, air and water.

My creations depart from works done in the traditional Vietri style and through the search for new forms and colors they undertake a path of innovation. I introduce new materials and experiment with new techniques, transforming classic glazes into three dimensional textures and classic colors that become iridescent.

Using ancient techniques such as the coiling process I create sculptures in which the vision of the reality that surrounds me is fused with elements drawn from nature, giving rise to unique and original works.

There is an apparent randomness where nothing seems preordained, but it all stems from an instinctive genuineness that brings me closer to the fantasy world of children and from this come creations that become three dimensional and result in very thin structures that seem to defy gravity.

It is in this study of form and content that my works of art are born. Works that vacillate between the essence of modern to elements of the traditionally figurative seen from a completely personal point of view, using materials that are unusual and different: engobe, glass and mother of pearl.

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