• Artistic Ceramics

    Positano and the Amalfi Coast mean artistic ceramics: each Arte della Ceramica Positano artifact is strictly handmade and the products are therefore unique. Crockery, furnishing accessories, small sculptures in Positano style, but also modern and contemporary are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Sometimes, on some pieces you might find small imperfections: don't worry! They represent in everything and for all the craftsmanship of the product, the real "handmade". It is also possible to carry out customizations such as color variations and drawings on already existing decorations, insertion of figures, names and dedications up to the realization of pieces starting from a draft designed and shared together with the customer in the shop 

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Raku

    Lisa Cinque masters the ancient Japanese technique of Raku in which the natural elements, the earth, the fire, the air and the water meet to forge pieces of a dazzling beauty and the characteristic craquelè.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Furnishing light

    Lamps that are practically works of art, to illuminate a room with style and warmth. The bases and the trunks of the Arte della Ceramica Positano lamps are handmade and each piece is unique.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Design Vases

    Furnishing your home with taste and uniqueness is possible thanks to the furnishing accessories made entirely by hand. Sophisticated shapes, materials and colors make these objects small works of art destined to last over time.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Home Decor

    Lots of ideas and tips for decorating your home…

    It’s the little details that reflect your style, objects that enrich your decor.

    An unforgettable magic and serenity that illuminates all the senses, candles in different sizes and fragrances in elegant frosted glass containers: opium, bergamot, strawberry, vanilla…and many other fragrances to decorate with style and make your rooms feel fresh and flavored.

    The important thing is to leave room for the inventiveness in which to personalize your space with taste and style.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Ideas for the Kitchen

    Eat with style: because the eye also wants its part. Dishes, glasses, ceramic utensils typical of the Amalfi Coast and with those bright and vivid colors, unmistakable and all obviously handmade and therefore unique. In addition to this, from Arte della Ceramica Positano you can also find Murano blown glass objects made by the expert hands of Venetian glass masters, such as glasses, table pitchers and vases.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Outdoor

    Tables, furniture, fittings can also be kept outside thanks to the use of lava stone which, due to its physical characteristics, is perfect to withstand all temperatures, from the coldest to the hottest and therefore ideal for the outside. Obviously it is possible to choose pieces made of lava stone also for furnishing interiors.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Jewelry

    From Arte della Ceramica Positano you will also find jewels created in raku and made entirely in the traditional way, with a cooking that varies between 980 and 1000 degrees. Each piece of jewelry is hand-assembled and finalized with leather cords, silver and nickel-free metals. A real work of art to wear.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Table games

    Make a room unique with a chessboard made of ceramicised and hand-painted lava stone of which each check is modeled by hand and made with the raku technique.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque