Lisa Cinque is the artist of Arte della Ceramica Positano but also the face of the store. And this is its added value: being at the same time the creator and messenger of these unique works of art and being able to accompany those who visit his shop on a journey that starts from an idea, from a design, from a suggestion up to become an artistic artifact. 

Lives and works in Positano and trained as a classical Vietri and Amalfi artist following laboratories, master classes and collaborating with numerous national art galleries. 

Over the years, always keeping in mind the traditional processing techniques of Vietri and Amalficeramics, she has also specialized in the production of Japanese raku ceramics and in the production of colombino pieces with an eye always attentive to new techniques and innovation. 

Lisa collaborates with numerous commercial and tourist activities on the Amalfi Coast: restaurants and hotels from Sorrento to Vietri have her pieces on display and have participated and participated in various art exhibitions. His pieces have also been used as props for TV and theater.