Work of Art

These are just some of the works created by Lisa Cinque, perhaps those to which the artist is most fond. Some are part of a private collection, others are exhibited in some of the most famous hotels on the Amalfi Coast

  • Reminiscence

    Two worlds separated by a black hole, perhaps cosmic, in which two points withdraw from a attempt to contact, an "X" which represents an attempt to sew together two parts distinct and separate. On the right a female figure, distracted and closed on herself, is perhaps indifferent, that stands on an issue that is completely deserted. A woman enclosed in a pure form like that of a river stone that the water has refined while making its way from mountain to sea. A figure enclosed in basic lines that only nature and art can achieve. On the other hand we have the opposite sense, a vitality that pursues, like an energy which explodes in a direction not predetermined but dictated by randomness. A microcosm that explodes in its essence. 


    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • Perforated lantern

    Lantern made entirely by hand with the slab technique. The four assembled clay plates were carved by second hand the drawing previously studied and adapted to the facades. subsequently, once the first firing had been carried out, the terracotta lantern was enamelled and brushstroke with the colors of the coast: Positano yellow and green aquamarine. Object that recalls in the structure the lanterns that adorn the facades of the our homes, the idea in this case it starts from emptying a remarkably large surface with one decoration synthetic and bold. 

    (Hotel Miramare Positano)

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • "Balance" lamp

    Lamp made by hand with the slab technique and the colombino technique for the central body. crystalline were used to coat the terracotta and mother-of-pearl tiles for the base. In this case the overlapping slabs are very thin, moving in sinuous way one on the other almost keeping in balance ... Play of vertical ceramic elements and twine that overlap precariously between them, in an attempt to resolve a gravitational law that conditions inexorably human existence. 

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque
  • "Night" Sculpture

    Sculpture created using the Colombino technique. pertular and effective the marks left by the fingertips on the entire surface, during clay shaping. Geometries of elements that intersect in search of a balance of a night unpredictable and dynamic. The vase - root contains traces of earth and sea horizon in tension, lines and spirals that reveal distant calls. In this emotional tension, the night, in its brief transience, gives us the only one moment of stasis. Glazes, crystalline and mother-of-pearl were used to emphasize the circumference of the base.

    Arte Ceramica Positano - Lisa Cinque