Two worlds separated by a black hole, perhaps cosmic, in which two points retreat from an attempt at contact, an “X” that represents an attempt to sew together two distinct and separate parts.

On the right a female figure, distracted and closed in on itself, she is perhaps indifferent, which stands on a matter which is entirely desert.

A woman enclosed in a pure form like that of a river stone that the water has honed as it makes it way from mountain to sea.

A figure enclosed in basic lines that only nature and art can accomplish.

On the other side we have the opposite sense, a vitality that it chases, like an energy that explodes following no predetermined direction but dictated by randomness.

A microcosm exploding in its essence.

(Private Collection)

Lanterna traforata

A lantern made entirely by hand using the slab technique.

The four slabs of clay, once assembled, are carved by hand according to a previously planned design. Then after the first firing the lantern is glazed with the colors of the Amalfi Coast: Positano yellow and sea green.

It is an object that brings to mind the lanterns that decorate the facades of our houses. The idea in this case starts with a substantial surface being cut out with a decoration that is synthetic and bold.

(Hotel Miramare Positano)

Lampada "equilibri"

A handmade lamp using the slab technique and coiling for the main body.

Crystals have been used to cover the terra-cotta and mother of pearl for the base.

In this case the sides that overlap are very thin moving sinuously one to the other almost keeping each other in balance.

A play of vertical elements in ceramic and twine that overlap precariously between them in an attempt to solve the gravitational law that inexorably affects human existence.

Scultura "notturno"

A sculpture made by the use of the “coiling” technique.

There are fingerprints left on the the entire surface from the working of the clay.

There are geometric elements that intersect in the study of the balance of a night unexpected and dynamic.

The vessel reflects roots containing traces of the land and the horizon of the sea in tension, lines and spirals that reveal a faraway call.

In this emotional tension, at night, in this brief moment, we are given the only moment of balance.