L’Arte della Ceramica Positano is the brand created by Lisa Cinque, a ceramic artist from Positano who for years has been making, selling and exporting ceramics all over the world in her homonymous shop in Positano which is called L’Arte della Ceramica Positano.

In her shop in Positano, Lisa Cinque welcomes people by illustrating the products that she herself makes entirely by hand: both ceramics linked to the tradition of the Amalfi coast and ceramics made through the use of the special raku technique in which Lisa Cinque specializes.

In recent years there have been and still are many attempts, not only to imitate the products made by the artist Lisa Cinque but also of the same name of the brand, with the aim of confusing the people who visit the shop l'Arte della Ceramica Positano by Lisa Cinque.

Fortunately, these attempts at imitation are short-lived: Lisa Cinque's artistic results are also strengthened by the artist's certification of authenticity, which on the one hand enhances the value of her works and on the other protects the good faith of the customers.