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Artistic Ceramics

Artistic Ceramics

A wide variety of prestigious ceramics for the table and home that meet all tastes from traditional to modern….all completely handmade, from exquisite pierced lamps to thoughtfully decorated tableware in the classic Vietri style.

Creations that are born from a passion for the art and craft of ceramics and the need to keep the Italian tradition of quality alive.

We can customize products from simple color changes to the adding of names, images or dedications and even create pieces especially designed for you.

Each product is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and any small imperfections are not to be considered defects but rather natural artifacts that are characteristic in the craftsmanship of the product



Raku is one of the most fascinating ways of making pottery…
Earth, fire and water meet in this ancient Japanese technique in which unique objects are forged from the characteristic “crackle” and the metallic sheen.

L’arte della Ceramica offers you a wide variety of unique, one of a kind Raku products, true works of art, jewelry and home accessories. All characterized by clean geometric lines, elegant style and attention to detail.

Each product is handmade and has its own unique identity and character.


Our designs can enrich and complete a space, give a touch of newness to your rooms, and make them more stylish, adding vases and furnishings in just the right places.

Inside the store we offer alternative solutions for your environment, especially for those who are looking for new ideas and trends whose shapes, materials and colors stand out.

We offer quality and accessible creativity, contemporary design with flexibility and intelligence…a new feeling, a harmony between technology and aesthetics.

Home Decor

Home Decor

Lots of ideas and tips for decorating your home…
It’s the little details that reflect your style, objects that enrich your decor.
An unforgettable magic and serenity that illuminates all the senses, candles in different sizes and fragrances in elegant frosted glass containers: opium, bergamot, strawberry, vanilla…and many other fragrances to decorate with style and make your rooms feel fresh and flavored.

The important thing is to leave room for the inventiveness in which to personalize your space with taste and style.
Ideas for the Kitchen

Ideas for the Kitchen

Combining a study of materials, design, traditional artisan techniques and quality control gives life to objects that have reinterpreted today’s table.

In our store you can appreciate the quality of handmade glass products which are the result of a careful selection of raw materials.

The handmade quality gives the form a lightness and an energy that only a passionate artisan can give.

You can embellish your “chic” table for the most important occasions or your everyday table with style.

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