Lava stone and ceramic: a magical combination

We are always led to an idea associate ceramics with of fragility and lightness - ehi! handle your ceramic objects with care ;) - and this makes us think that those who work with ceramics cannot have anything to do with other types of harder and stronger materials. Error! Creating and handling ceramic objects does not mean that we cannot also dedicate ourselves to different materials, such as lava stone. Lisa Cinque is an example of this combination which is also a little magical and which as in the things of nature unites opposites to create beauty.

The lava stone used for the creations of L'Arte della Ceramica is perfect, thanks to its composition - the lava stone precisely - to be used to create tables, furnishings and fittings for the outside: it can resist any type of temperature, from the coldest to the hottest without losing beauty and practicality. Obviously, the lava stone finishes can also furnish the interior, giving the environment a refined atmosphere.

The peculiarity of the worked lava stone is that it is enamelled and decorated by hand: therefore the combination of strength and fragility returns. An element so resistant that it "softens" with the hand of the man, of the woman in this case, which redefines its colors and makes it bright and unique.