The tradition of ceramics on the Amalfi Coast

There are some things that those who made a holiday on the Amalfi Coast remember better than others: the beauty of the landscape, from land and sea, the unique goodness of food, both sweet and savory, the color of ceramics, on the walls, on the domes of churches, in everyday objects and in shops. The ceramics of the Amalfi Coast is unique in its kind for a number of reasons: first of all the tradition. The authentic labs - and eye! they are not so many - they still work following the classical processing techniques. It starts from the natural elements, water, earth, fire and air: combined together they allow to shape all the shapes in order to create unique and always different objects. The decoration strictly by hand with enamels also with an iridescent effect as in the case of the Arte della Ceramica Positano, makes the objects brilliant, creating that unique combination of light that can be found only in certain points of the Amalfi Coast and especially in Positano. Having an authentic and handmade ceramic of the Amalfi Coast in your hands is an almost sensory experience because under the touch it is possible to feel the mutations of the material that led to the realization of the object and it is wonderful to get lost even to observe, when there are , those little imperfections of color or composition, which tell the story of those who worked on that piece, of those who got their hands dirty - they burned every now and then - to create and revive an ancient art.